Anima Ex Machina: Overview

Rated T for descriptive violence, swearing, psychological trauma, and general sadism.
Also contains frequent abuse of tropes.

Original Publication Date: October 1, 2008, first launched on Pokécommunity
Genre: Science fiction, dark fic, horror, suspense
Current Version: Version 3. Labeled "Redux" on forums.
Current Book: Book I: Codename Adam

A meteor crash-lands in Hoenn, unleashing a dangerous alien parasite that threatens all life on Earth. In a panic, the government establishes Project Stardust, a secret operation to gather information on the mysterious creatures by capturing them and studying them in advanced laboratories. However, a freak accident at one of these institutes causes a parasite to break free and fuse itself to a mild-mannered Pokémon researcher with a penchant for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

As a result, the formerly harmless researcher, Bill, finds himself not only transformed into an armored monster (complete with powers he can't entirely control) but also sharing a body with the cold and manipulative parasite he was supposed to be studying. Shortly after being taken to the Hoenn region against his will, he soon finds himself captured by a band of refugees from Mauville City who, by a series of mistakes, have come to see him as the protector they've been waiting for. Forced into the role of a hero, Bill begins to travel across Hoenn with them in order to find answers and a way out.

Unknown to any of them, struggles are taking place in the wings. Professor Oak quietly tries to search for answers under the noses of the mysterious Committee, a shadow organization whose function is to oversee and control the actions of Project Stardust. The nation's military looks to eradicate the parasites, and Team Rocket extends its reach into the project with the hopes of building an alien army. More importantly, the alien invaders themselves work towards taking over Hoenn. In the meantime, the parasite within Bill harbors its own secrets, all of which slowly prove more dangerous than even the arsenal his body carries.

With the entirety of humankind locked in combat against an alien race and with a mysterious entity inhabiting his own mind, Bill finds himself struggling at the very center of a storm that could rock the planet. But is he the key to the planet's future or a pawn for its destruction?