Earlier Updates

16 February 2013
Admittedly, work on that new layout is going slowly, but it will get here eventually!

In the meantime, I'd like to give a warm welcome to our latest affiliate, PokéZoom, an adorable website that's fairly recently gotten off the ground. It might look small, but the community there is close-knit and sweet.

Likewise, a second welcome goes out to Lake Valor, one part news site and one part pretty happening community. If you're looking to discuss Gen VI, Lake Valor's on top of things and got you covered. Looking to discuss anything else? They're good for that too.

Speaking of affiliates, I finally got around to changing some of the links that people have sent me notices about over the past few months. Sorry it took so long to respond! There were also quite a few dead links that I've pruned in the process, but if your site is actually still live and if you're still interested in affiliating with SRNet, please let me know.

Also, we've recently made a few changes to our affiliation policy, so please review them if you're thinking about affiliating with us.

The AEM edit spree is starting as well, with chapters appearing over on my AO3 account, should you be interested in looking up JXValentine. Said chapters (along with the latest ones that are floating around the internets) will migrate here hopefully by the end of the month. Thanks for the wait!


18 January 2012
It's the height of the protests against SOPA and PIPA, and we at Studio-Revolution.net would like to take the time to show our support the best way we know how. Please click here for the discussion thread/link list that you can use to find more information about the bills or to voice your own opinion. Unfortunately, to avoid spambots, you must be a member of The BBS in order to post, but if you have something to say, we hope that this obstacle won't stop you from joining the conversation. We'd love to hear from all perspectives. Alternatively, if you're too shy to join in, please take the time to visit the links, read up on the discussion, and sign a petition or two.

In short, we encourage you to stand up and make your voice heard, and we can't wait to hear from you.


30 December 2011
In some parts of the world, it's the 31st, so we at SRNet would like to take the time to wish a fictional character a happy birthday.

Seriously, the twenty-fourth chapter of AEM is now up, just in time for its main character's birthday. You can read it and the rest of the fic on the chapter listing.

Unfortunately, your webmistress is traveling at the moment, so other gifts that are meant for New Year's will have to wait until at least January 2nd. Still, keep an eye on this space and The BBS for all kinds of goodies to kick off the new year.

Speaking of which, a holiday event is in full swing on the board. Why don't you drop on by to check it out while you wait for Jax to find a spot of stable internet?


25 December 2011
Man alive, guys. Sorry for disappearing off the face of the earth.

Speaking of faces of the earth, it's still at least two winter holidays as we speak right here in SRNet HQ, so whatever you celebrate, we wish you a joyous one! Not only that, but if we don't update the site before New Year's, we hope 2012 starts off awesomely for you!

In the meantime, we've got a mess of AEM-related updates, starting with not one but two new chapters now viewable in the chapter index. Moreover, if you browse that page, you'll notice two shiny new toys for you to play with. The first is the audio column on the main table. A few people requested an audiobook version of the fanfic, so slowly but surely, we're recording each of the chapters and putting them up for you to download and enjoy wherever you go! Interested in helping out? We'd love to hear from you! Simply contact Jax via the BBS forums to see what you can do!

Additionally, at the very bottom of the page, you'll find a new section for Specials. These are separate from the extras in that they're typically semi-canonical crack fics that take place sometime during the story's timeline. It's most likely that these will all be audio plays as well. Currently, the only entry up so far is a Christmas special, but keep an eye on this part of the site for more down the line.

Speaking of the holidays, The BBS is in full holiday mode! If you're looking for something better to do, feel free to check out the holiday nexus. While you're there, be sure to take a peek at the Fandex to help get it off the ground. Remember! Entries for the latter will be put up on this part of the site permanently, so if you're looking for double the exposure, consider submitting something to the 'dex!

And for our last update concerning the site, I've pruned the affiliates list, taking down any site that doesn't load correctly. (Expired domains, error messages, and so forth.) If I've made a mistake and your site is actually still up, please let me know!

Speaking of affiliates, we'd like to send our congrats to Pokémon Rebirth. Happy (belated) tenth anniversary to all of you awesome people! For those of you out there, definitely check out Rebirth if you haven't just come from there. Among some of the nifty things they're doing to celebrate, they've released an exclusive eZine that's not only free to download but also a pretty snazzy testament to how awesome Pokémon fans can be. Of course, the whole site is chock full of lots of cool things to read and check out, so don't just stop at the eZine, either!

Future updates for SRNet include something finally being done about that "coming soon" sign to your left and maybe something new to look at all around. We've got another couple of reasons to celebrate in six days, so we're working hard to come up with something you'll be sure to enjoy. Stay tuned!

Hurray, new things!


8 October 2011
Guess what's celebrating its three-year anniversary this month. Anima Ex Machina! That's right. That huge, campy sci-fi fic about Bill that sounds vaguely familiar is celebrating its third year in existence, and in honor of that, yours truly has spent this past week working on revamping the story yet again. Moreover, the twenty-first chapter is now up for your viewing pleasure! Things to come: revamping of the extras and potentially something to help you keep track of the craploads of detail over the course of 20+ chapters.

Also! You may have noticed two big things to the left. Mystery Pokémon Theater 3000 has been discontinued and pulled from the side menu, and in its place is the mysterious new Fandex. What could this be? Perhaps a quick trip to The BBS will cure that bout of curiosity!

You may also expect something else coming from our members that will be just as shiny. Which will also break my layout. Which means you may also be seeing a new layout (once I get off my lazy rear and design one).

Hurray, new things!


20 August 2011
An update? So soon? Gasp!

Yes, folks, I'm back, and this time with an update you can actually see! The twentieth chapter of Anima Ex Machina has just gone live. Check it out via the chapter list!

Also, as a reminder, the BBS is currently undergoing an overhaul. Want to help shape what we're doing? Go on over, take a look, and submit a suggestion or three. We'd love to hear from you!


17 August 2011
Quick note, but it's come to my attention that the old guestbook can still be reached via Google search. So, I've gotten off my lazy rear to clean it out from spambots... which ironically meant I had to delete a crapload of comments. If you actually left a genuine comment that I deleted, sorry about that. For the rest of you, please do not attempt to abuse the guestbook. It will be trashed as soon as I'm fully awake.

In the meantime, the plans I had for Keeper are unfortunately delayed until further notice due to some technical difficulties, but on the positive side, The BBS is going to be starting up a new campaign to streamline itself and make the whole BBS experience a little more fun. If you'd like to drop by and give your two cents, now is definitely the time to do it. There may be changes to the website as a whole, depending on where we go with our plans on the forums. So, definitely keep an eye out for anything new that pops up as a result.


23 June 2011
In a fine example of speed writing on my part (y'know, relative to how I've been going for the past several months), the nineteenth chapter of Anima Ex Machina -- which is its longest chapter to date -- has just gone live. Marvel in the lack of thesaurus abuse and gratuitous violence! Or not. Whichever.

Additionally, in an attempt to get more attention towards that little fan-project I did not too long ago, Keeper has been moved to the side bar, right under the link to the forums. Something awesome is headed its way, so keep a sharp eye out later on this summer! And I mean it this time, I swear.


11 June 2011
To start things off, the main reason why I update the site these days: more AEM! The eighteenth chapter just went up, and it's now viewable on the chapter list. Drop by and be treated with extended action scenes, mayhaps?

Also! We have a shiny new affiliate to introduce today. Say a big hello to Pokévana, a fan and gaming community straight from our friends in Belgium. But don't worry. You don't need to speak the local language to get the most out of Pokévana. They're also home to a unique online Pokédex, an extensive card scan database, a news blog, and plenty more. So, whether you speak scores of languages or just English, Pokévana is definitely worth checking out. Perhaps after you check out the latest chapter of AEM.


23 April 2011
As I've said in various threads, "And then real life punched me in the face."

After a long hiatus, I'm now back (sort of) with a few new AEM-related updates. First and foremost, way back when, SPPf held its annual fanfiction awards. While it didn't find itself in as many categories this year, AEM took home a few to cherish forever. (Fun fact: Braid, a short story also written by yours truly, took back even more awards. You can read its final version over yonder if you're curious.)

To add, the seventeenth chapter of AEM has just gone up, so be sure to drop by and see what's what. Sound cool?

Hopefully, all those updates I keep promising will happen sometime this summer, but you know how awesome I am with my "I swear I'll put this up by X" kinds of promises. (Sorry!)


21 February 2011
First announcement? I'd like to thank all of you for helping SRNet make it to 10k hits. You're all amazing, and I hope you keep on coming back to have fun with us. To give you more of an incentive, I've decided to add more guides to writing in the near future plus more fanfics and more episodes of MPT3000, so keep an eye out for all of that.

Second, a big hello to our two new affiliates, Indigo Plateau and Vera's Tales Site! Both are pretty cool to check out. The first includes nifty guides and a growing Pokédex/Pokémon analysis database. Additionally, if you sign up for their website, there's a very cute little adoption game you can play.

Don't let the name of the other fool you. Although it sounds like it's about May, it's actually a pretty amazing and extensive site on just about everything related to Pokémon, from heavily detailed reviews and resources for the latest games to amazingly drawn fanart sent in by visitors. It's also our very first international affiliate, hailing from that lovely country we call Italy. So, if you're fluent or just learning, drop by and check out a pretty cool community. If you're not, don't worry! They've got a translated version of their site, too.

Final update? AEM 16 has just been released after a month of hard work on it. Additionally, minor edits and grammatical fixings will happen over the course of the next month or so, so keep an eye out for a more polished version of the fic. We're also hoping to get the last few extras put up (at last) pretty soon.

In the meantime, AEM has been nominated for a lot of pretty sweet categories on SPPf's fanfiction awards. If you're a member of the forums, don't forget to cast your vote! Moreover, keep an eye on The BBS for an upcoming BW release party.


26 January 2011
First up, I'd like to introduce you to our shiniest new affiliate, The 6th Floor. It's been making its rounds in the Pokémon fandom, so you might already know it as the largest Pokémon creepypasta repository this side of Tumblr, complete with a growing forum community and enough stuff to keep you up well into the night. Definitely give it a once-over if you feel like you could use a good thrill and chill.

Speaking of affiliates, I've also taken the affiliate box off the header (because it was seriously cramped, and I have no idea what I was thinking) and put all the buttons back in the footer. This, of course, doesn't solve the problem I was trying to get fixed in the first place (namely, that the affiliate buttons made the footer bulky), but... eh. If someone would like to send me an alternate idea, I'm definitely up for suggestions. Unless you recommend switching to a three-column layout. I never particularly liked three-column layouts, so... yeah.


18 January 2011
Man, lots of people are up and changing their domains this month. Groudon's Cave has had a move to a new domain, so links to it should be changed. If you get pointed somewhere weird, feel free to let me know. Meanwhile, Phoenixsong of dcNET has moved her site to a completely different domain, Altered Origin. So, if you see a shiny and new button on our affiliates list, you're still getting the same amount of awesome as you usually would.


15 January 2011
First update of the new year! Chapter fifteen of AEM is now up, so feel free to check it out!

Other than that, another edit spree is due to happen soon, so you should see minor changes pop up throughout the first fourteen chapters soon. Hopefully.


31 December 2010
First! I'd like to welcome a new affiliate to our circle of awesome, Ganium! First thing I should note about this site is it's got a pretty awesome community going. All the people there on the chatbox are super-friendly, so if you're just looking to hang out, it's a pretty cool place to go. Additionally, the site itself has got some interesting things going for it. It's got a nifty webmaster's guide, interviews with other people in the fandom, a poetry guide, and on top of everything else, it's constantly evolving. Gardenia updates very quickly, so you'll be very likely to see new things pop up pretty frequently.

Second! Happy holidays, regardless of whatever you celebrate. This is most likely a severely belated message, but hey, I'm just in time for New Year's, right?

Well, that and the birthday of my favorite character... which is practically a holiday itself around these parts. So, happy birthday, Bill! In honor of it, the first thing that's gone up is the fourteenth chapter of AEM, fresh after a month's hiatus. Definitely check that one out because I'm particularly pleased about the new cast addition.

You can also expect some other awesome stuff later on this week, including a couple new extras and, hopefully, something awesome to be added to Keeper.

In the meantime, the Christmas event on The BBS is wrapping up, but there's still some awesome things for you to do. So, we hope you'll drop on by and celebrate the new year with us!


7 December 2010
First and foremost, I'd like to announce not one but two new affiliates: Aobaru.Net and Pokemon Pwns. Both are very awesome and very classy websites with a ton of stuff to do, and on top of that, they're both serious eyecandy. I highly recommend the both of them if you're looking for something to do for hours on end or if you need some helpful guides... or if you, you know, just want that eyecandy I just mentioned.

Speaking about eyecandy, I'm in the planning stages for a new layout. Hopefully, that'll be done soon, but in the meantime, if anything goes wonky, you'll at least know why.

Other than that, I've fixed up a few weird errors on a couple of AEM chapters, and I've added something to feed my own egotism. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Also, as always, shameless advertising for the newest addition to SRNet, and something even cooler! The BBS just released a massive holiday event, so now, more than ever, it's a great time for you to join because there's a little something for all you kids out there.


25 November 2010
Happy belated Thanksgiving to all you fellow Yanks out there!

Not really to celebrate the holiday (and more because I just happened to have a spare hour today), I coded the thirteenth chapter of AEM. You can now read it via the chapter list. Go, go, go!

Also, don't forget to check the collective under SR.NET for our newest addition to the Studio Revolution network, Keeper. It's ten years of hard work and fangirling all bundled up in as simple a layout as a streak of laziness will allow!

Finally, if you're not a member of The BBS yet, now would be a great time to join. I've got something awesome planned for December, which means the big reveal for something pretty sweet will be coming soon!


23 November 2010
Ten years ago on this very day, cute, little, just-barely-teenaged me opened up a website on Geocities called *Forgotten*Lights*. It had a brief stint on Anipike, a fanclub, and way too many emoticons for its own good.

Ten years later, IT'S BACK.

Ladies and gentlemen, pop the corks and facepalm at your webmaster's fangirling because we at Studio-Revolution.net are proud to welcome Keeper into our lineup. And that's the understatement of the year. With how long I've been working on this site, you should be surprised I'm not doing backflips right now. IT'S FINALLY DONE, GUYS. *FLAIL*

Or sort of done, anyway. I'm aware there's weird formatting here and there, and there's a few more pages and features I didn't get time to submit, BUT STILL. CAPSLOCK FOR EVERYONE.

While we're also on the subject of capslock excitement, I'm also proud to announce that we have not one but TWO new affiliates! First up in the order of the alphabet is Absol's Underground, a gorgeous site full of really pretty graphics and pretty snazzy tutorials among other things (including a Lady Gaga tribute!). It's got a very personal feel to it, probably brought on by the fact that the webmaster focuses only on posting pages centered around his own interests -- which, personally, I think more sites need to do nowadays. Might cut down on the cookie-cutter syndrome, you know?

Second and certainly not least is Sora, a neat site with its own formidable lineup of unique pages, including a Moltres fanshrine. Definitely check out the Pokemon Reviews for a refreshing look at different Pokemon (as in, in a way that definitely isn't just another online Pokédex or anything) as well as Emma's ongoing webcomic. Of course, there's a lot of other cool things to check out here, too. Like Jake of AU, Emma posts about a wide variety of different topics.

Also, as a note to anyone else I sent affiliate requests to, I'm really, really sorry if I haven't gotten back to you. GMail has been doing something weird lately, so I haven't actually been getting e-mails from potential affiliates for about a week. If you've already put up the link to my site but I haven't put up one to yours, feel free to send me a note to ask what's up.


The twelfth chapter of AEM has just gone live! Feel free to check it out. The next chapter should be online soon.

Also and more importantly! SRNet is proud to welcome three new affiliates to our list: SSPokémon, Eevee~Valley, and Groudon's Cave. All three are seriously awesome in their own unique ways, including being hosts to awesome guides for the games and webmastering in general to having pretty nifty free graphics for you to check out. Definitely take a peek at them via the scrollbox above or our nifty affiliates page.



5 November 2010
The eleventh chapter of AEM has just been posted. You can expect two more in the near future!


4 November 2010
The next two extras have been added to the list, along with tweaks pretty much all over the rest of the site. Hopefully, the last extra and the next chapter of AEM will be up soon.


2 November 2010
Lots of new updates have just been introduced. First off, as you can see, the affiliates/advertisement/general button list has been moved from the bottom of the page to the top in what will hopefully not be an eyesore. (I might adjust it later, but if you'd like to offer feedback about how it looks, feel free to send me a note. And yes, I'm aware of what it looks like in 800 x 600. Sorry about that. I can't really do much to fix that. o_x)

Speaking of contact information, every means of getting in touch with the site staff on this website (read: Jax) have been changed a little. Contact information is now up on the About Us page (along with modifications to information there). I've also gone ahead and created a new forum for all your guestbook-style needs, which is also listed at the bottom of the about page. Additionally, because of a recent flood of spam (and I sincerely apologize for not catching it), the guestbook for submitting reviews to AEM and MPT3000 has been taken down and replaced by the new forum. Anonymous comments are still enabled on it, but they'll have to go through a moderation queue first. So, don't be surprised if your comment doesn't show up right away. (Rest assured, though, that I will check the mod queue frequently for new comments.)

On top of that, the biggest new feature is the AEM Extras Series, a series of articles that offer background information and explanations to things you might see throughout the fic. The first three articles are currently up, and you can expect the next three to be up sometime shortly.

Minor edits have also been sprinkled throughout the site, including a reformatting of AEM's overview page, the Ixodida article (including a number upgrade from 494 to 650), and (if you haven't noticed) the splash page.


1 November 2010
At long last! Chapters eight through ten (plus edits of the first seven chapters) of AEM are now up. Additionally, chapters eleven through thirteen are currently in their proofreading/editing stages, so you can expect those sometime within the next couple of weeks.

That's not all! Officially, binary_codes is being shut down due to various causes (read: the fact that I keep failing to maintain it and remember what I want to do with it), but that's all right because something shiny and new will be up in its place in a couple of days. At the same time, you can expect some other changes to happen around that part of the site that might be interesting for those of you who happen to like the series on some vague level.


19 September 2010
How long has it been since my last update? I blame real life completely.

Anyway, I do have to admit right here that up to chapter 11 of AEM is complete and up on the forums. The reason why they haven't been uploaded yet is because I need to make a few edits, but once those are complete, you can expect a massive influx of AEM. To help things along and remind you that I am, in fact, still alive, chapter seven has just been uploaded.

Additionally, the first anniversary of the BBS (SR.Net's board system) is coming up, and in honor of that, the staff has several week-long events planned. Three of these, two forum-wide games and one writing competition, are in the sign-ups stage right now, and you can expect good things to come from our ASB system as well as the other forums. Now is probably the best time to register for the board, so what're you waiting for?

Finally, a new link has been added to the collective, and construction for Keeper has gotten started. You can expect the latter to be coming out later on this fall, and with the tenth anniversary of *Forgotten*Lights* (its predecessor way back in the day) coming up fast, that's a promise.


11 July 2010
Ladies and gents, I am extremely pleased to introduce to you our first new affiliate in a month and our first sibling site in... I'm terrible at remembering anniversaries. Anyway, SRNet is now linked to The Demented Chicken Network, a site owned by a BBS regular, Phoenixsong. Yes, the rest of the site is just as awesome as the name. Phoenixsong is a pretty cool artist and writer, and dcNET's her home for all kinds of art and writing goodness, ranging from not one but two fanregions full of fan-created Pokémon (all of which are heavily detailed) to well-written short stories, informative essays, and addictive mini-games. Additionally, if you're thinking about checking out the BBS's ASB system (/shameless plug), Phoenix also has a number of guides to help you get started in that area.

In all, definitely check it out when you've got the time. And you probably will need some time if you check out the Phoenixdex.


9 July 2010
Additional revisions to Anima Ex Machina were made just today, which explains why "next week" turned into "a couple weeks later."

On the positive side, chapter six is finally up. You can view it and the revised versions of the other chapters through AEM's index.


18 June 2010
The promised revisions to Anima Ex Machina are finally complete. You can now view changes to the first six installments over here.

Additionally, keep an eye out for chapter six. It should be coming sometime next week.


16 June 2010
As you can probably tell, I've been keeping particularly busy on the affiliates front. I'm very excited to introduce to you our latest affiliate, Kasumi. Now, Kasumi's a special site. Not only has it got a number of well-written reviews about Pokémon and the games, it's got a lot of cool stuff for webdesigners too: graphic and coding tutorials, layouts, graphics galleries, the entire works. So, if you're at all interested in furthering your skills or seeing what Kasumi can do for you on the graphics front, I'd say it's definitely worth your time to check it out.

For once, no actual updates have been made to this site, meanwhile, but I'm pleased to tell you that I'm almost finished with revisions to AEM. You should expect chapters zero through five up tomorrow or the day after. Additionally, this means I can finally push forward and edit the other four chapters that haven't been released on the website yet. Keep an eye out for those as well in the next couple of weeks.


15 June 2010
So, I would do this usual thing where I tell you that I've affiliated with people and do a bit of advertising about each individual site, but, uh, I got a little enthusiastic in the past few days, and we now have three new affiliates. First up, we've got Glacidia Forums, a board run by a bunch of very good friends of the BBS staff. You'll find a growing community of fanfic authors, fanartists, and everyone in between there. Pretty snazzy. Second, you've got Anime & Pokémon Inferno, a one-stop shop for information and news about Pokémon and more. Also, it's got a snazzy community with thriving wi-fi forums, discussion areas, and more. Last but certainly not least is In a Pokémon World. If you've been around the fandom, you've probably heard of it. Yes, it's the site with all the awesome articles defending our good franchise. The very one that attempts to answer all those little questions and notions that parents and other not-quite-informed folks might have concerning the monsters we all know and love.

In short, you've got a brand-new (but very awesome) community, a community full of active members, and one really snazzy and original fansite. In other words, all three of them are amazing. Go take a look when you've got a chance.

Meanwhile, you can expect the revision of the first chapter of AEM (and possibly the revision of the second chapter) later on this week. It's finished; it just doesn't make much sense until I can upload chapter two as well. Also, we finally have a hit counter. Just for the curious.


13 June 2010
I'm back yet again with another update of pretty snazzy news. FireChao.com was cool enough to say yes to our affiliates request, so I'd like to extend a warm welcome and thanks. The thanks is actually multi-purpose. FireChao has a lot of awesome guides all over its site, and it's saved my neck from my own epic fail more than once. So, yeah, I definitely recommend stopping by and checking out what they have to say, especially if you're new to competitive battling or if you're just addicted to click games.

Anyway, the other big update is the update I've been talking about since I started really getting into this entire "revamp the site" business. Anima Ex Machina's rewrite is currently underway. Already, the prologue has been revised and posted. Now, you may be wondering why it looks shorter. That's because, well, it is, as part of an attempt to get away from that "inspired by David Cronenberg" feel that the fic used to have. In other words, the gross and bloody parts are either being taken out or toned down to the point where it's not obviously gratuitous.

Other things to keep an eye out for? I'm filling in massive plot holes I didn't quite catch in the rewrite of this fic, so that's exciting if you happen to like this thing. And, of course, shenanigans.


9 June 2010
An update so soon after that last one? Gasp! However, yeah, I've been working on all kinds of things for the site since about 8 PM on the other side of midnight. First off, I'd like to say to those of you still using IE, sorry about that weird glitch that you guys must've been seeing for about an hour or so. That should be resolved, but if you're still seeing something weird (particularly that banner at the top of the page covering up the menu), don't hesitate to send an S.O.S.

On a more positive note, I'd like to introduce our latest affiliate, Floatzel.net! It's a really informative site with incredibly detailed guides, pretty well thought-out articles, videos to watch, sound clips, and a seriously awesome webmaster. Also, this place is the home of the Anti-Anti-Pokémon Alliance. Don't make me break out the "if you don't like this site, you don't like Pokémon" shenanigans. So, yeah, it's definitely worth a good poking around. You will probably not be bored for awhile.

SRNet might also see a few more affiliate links in the future, but that's an announcement for another time.


8 June 2010
If you don't mind me being a fangirl right now (although, really, what's stopped me from being one all over the updates previously, right?), I'm insanely happy to announce our latest and second affiliate, Pokémon Rebirth. Thanks to Gemma Bright for being awesome in general, and if you have the time, I highly recommend going over there to check out some of the fanfic written by both her and her website staff.

With affiliates like these, I've decided to step up my efforts of making Studio-Revolution.net better than it's been since it launched. Hence, more minor improvements are scattered throughout the site, and the reviewer guide has finally been completely revamped with new material and, well, a less snarky tone. Revisions to AEM should be underway soon, and you might even see the next episode of MPT3000 sometime later this month.


4 June 2010
After a massive hiatus due to schoolwork kicking the tail of yours truly, I'm finally back to work on the backlog of updates. First and foremost, you should notice a pretty obvious change here. To make the affiliates more obvious, first of all, you're now able to scroll down to the bottom of the page to find them in a quick and easy spot instead of jammed all on the left bar over there. Second, we've ditched hover navigations with those annoying-as-mess hover menus in favor of a saner, cleaner-looking menu bar. It's also been reorganized so that some of the links that were by themselves at the bottom are now at a shiny new position at the top. (We apologize in advance if the layout looks like an eyesore on your browser. If something seems weird, don't hesitate contact us.)

That's not all! Minor edits have been made to various pages throughout the site. Additionally, on an unfortunate note, La Blanca is now an invite-only RPG and therefore does not appear in the collective list. However, on a positive note, we now have a sure release date for Keeper, and unlike earlier attempts, we're actually going to be sticking to it.

Also in terms of an exciting update that's actually credited to Camisado and the staff of The BBS, our forums have recently updated to vB 4.0, and our brand-new anime-style battling system has been not-so-newly released. If you have a spare moment, why not check them out?

Finally, there's plans on rewriting the reviewing guide. Likewise, Anima Ex Machina is due for yet another massive edit spree sometime soon. Keep your eyes peeled for brand-new material and the next few chapters.


18 January 2010
The fifth chapter of AEM has just been released. I will eventually get to work on those other updates I said I'd do.


12 January 2010
Gasp! Shock! Could it be true? Could I actually release another chapter of AEM mere days after the last one was released? Yes. Yes, I could.


9 January 2010
The latest chapter of AEM has been posted. We're just a couple of chapters away from actually catching up to where it's been posted elsewhere.

Also, the history page has been revised, as has our affiliate with/link to us page. Which means, really, that the only thing left to do in terms of revising is probably to redo the reviewing guide, and I've got plans to pretty much rewrite parts of it and put it all together so that we don't have four guides that basically say the same thing.

In the meantime, why don't you join our forums for some good old-fashioned member-stalking mayhem?


5 January 2010
And a happy new year to everyone! Belatedly!

Anyway, the only actual update for now is that, as part of me trying frantically to catch up with the forum and FFNet versions of Anima Ex Machina: Redux (i.e., the current version of the fic), I've put up chapter two. Minor edits are still, of course, being worked on.

Meanwhile, in terms of the satellite sites, there's been a pretty massive update to The Legend of La Blanca. Namely, because it's now an invite-only RPG, it's a storage center for player resources and logs. You're still welcome to follow us and interact with players through our OOC community.


31 December 2009
Sorry for disappearing for such a long period of time, but I'm back! I haven't ignored any of the suggestions I was e-mailed, either, I promise you. Currently, I'm in the process of fixing a small error involving the images, and on top of that, I'm reading through and revising the reviewing guide. This may actually involve rearranging things, so it'll take a bit of time to complete.

Speaking of revisions, by the way, as some of you might know from various forums, I'm currently in the process of revising Anima Ex Machina from the ground up. Although I'm currently up to chapter five, it's taken me a bit of time to code what I have so far. Right now, only the prologue and chapter one are available, but more chapters will be out throughout this coming month. Additionally, in the process of doing this, I've also revised the companion guide a bit.

Other changes to the site? Well, if you look to the left, you'll notice that A Midsummer Knight's Dream is gone. That's because I'm no longer working on it as a fanfiction. (I am turning it into original fic, but because this is a fansite, it's probably not going to fit here.) Also, because of awkward problems, the contact form has been modified. Sort of.

More updates to come. I've also started working on Keeper and doing some revisions to La Blanca, so you can expect to see both soon. Thanks for your help and patience!


1 October 2009
In honor of Anima Ex Machina's one-year anniversary of being online, I got off my rear to finish coding chapter two. It's currently up for your viewing pleasure in its chapter index.


29 September 2009
We've got a new sibling site, in case you haven't yet noticed the shiny button at the bottom of the navigational strip on every page. TCoD is also our first sibling other than Camisado's sites ever, so this is a bit of a big deal for us. Thanks to Dragonfree for the offer, and hello to all you people who wandered in from over there.

Minor edits have also happened in the past ten days, and more minor edits are to come, particularly to the reviewing guide. I say this now because I'll probably be too lazy to edit this news bit later.


19 September 2009
Website launched. Yay!